Mont La Salle

Mont La Salle

Choice Brands Wines & Spirits, Inc., an affiliate of Angel Direct and a Georgia-licensed alcohol distributor, is an authorized dealer for Mont La Salle sacramental wines.

Mont La Salle, formerly Christian Brothers, has been providing sacramental wines to the Reverend Clergy since 1882, and is the only producer of an alcohol-free grape juice, “Mustum."  Mont La Salle sacramental wines are prepared in full accordance with Canon Law(1), and receive ecclesiastical approbation from the Bishop of Fresno, California and Archbishop of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Additionally, Mustum is valid and licit for clergy having permission from the Church to use an alcohol-free grape juice for sacramental purposes.

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(1) “The wine must be natural from the fruit of the vine and not spoiled” (Canon 924 §3).